Embedded Bio-Medical Project Titles - 2014

    1.Automated Detection of Driver Fatigue Based on Entropy and Complexity Measures
    2.Combined Auditory and Vibrotactile Feedback for Human-Machine-Interface Control
    3.A Low-Computational Approach on Gaze Estimation With Eye Touch System
    4.BIO-monitoring System with Conductive Textile Electrodes Integrated into T-shirt
    5.An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management Based on Internet of Things
    6. A context-aware system architecture for leak point detection in the large-scale petrochemical industry
    7. Noncontact Hand Motion Classification Technique for Application to Human-Machine Interfaces
    8.A Gesture Learning Interface for Simulated Robot Path Shaping With a Human Teacher
    9. A Hand Gesture Recognition Framework and Wearable Gesture-Based Interaction Prototype for Mobile Devices
    10.Automatic User State Recognition for Hand Gesture Based Low-Cost Television Control System

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