Android Smart Applications Titles - 2015

    1.Review Selection Using Micro-Reviews
    2.Privacy-Preserving Relative Location Based Services for Mobile Users
    3.Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Patients with Diabetes
    4.Context-Based Access Control Systems for Mobile Devices
    5. A Location- and Diversity-aware News Feed System for Mobile Users
    6.ALTERDROID: Differential Fault Analysis of Obfuscated Smartphone Malware
    7.An alternative proposal of tracking products using digital signatures and QR codes
    8.Continuous and transparent user identity verification for secure internet services
    9.Smart dairy: A smart phone based framework for sensing, inferring and logging user's daily life
    10.Analysis of Smart Mobile Applications for Healthcare under Dynamic Context Changes
    11.A Probabilistic Discriminative Model for Android Malware Detection with Decompiled Source Code

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