Java Data Mining Project Titles - 2015

    1.Tweet Segmentation and Its Application to Named Entity Recognition
    2. Polarity Consistency Checking for Domain Independent Sentiment Dictionaries
    3.RRW—A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data
    4.Co-Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews Based on the Word Alignment Model
    5.Context-Based Diversification for Keyword Queries Over XML Data
    6.Efficient Algorithms for Mining the Concise and Lossless Representation of High Utility Itemsets
    7.Active Learning for Ranking through Expected Loss Optimization
    8.Discovery of ranking fraud for mobile apps
    9.k-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational Data
    10.Entity Linking with a Knowledge Base: Issues, Techniques, and Solutions

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