Android Smart Applications Titles - 2017

1. Metropolitan Water Resource process Controls
2. Twitter hash message visit in geo-location and nearby location
3. Journal Publish Accessories
4. Finance and Share Market info
5. Invitation sends to Social Network friends through Whatsapp
6. Location Wise Experience and place Sharing System in android
7. Android Malware Detection application
8. College Events
9. Buy Local bus Ticket using Wallet
10. Smart way to Reporting scale system.
11. Fishers management system using geo-located in android application
12. Mother & Children Welfare Card In Android Application
13. Crime System Using Android Application
14. Smart Way of Bus Ticket Buying With Location Basis Using Android Application
15. Location wise experience and places Sharing system in android
16. Twitter hash message visit in geo-location and nearby location using android application
17. Ready To Share Android Mobile Application
18. Ration Shop Monitoring System Using Mobile Application
19. Doctor patient communication system Using Android Application
20. Intelligent inventory loading based mobile apps for smart shop in Android Application
21. Scheduling and Tournament Match Fixing for Cricket Using Android Application
22. Teacher Communicate with Parents and Monitoring Students in Android Application
23. Location Based Disease Surveillance Using android Application
24. Smart Diary for Sensing, Monitoring, and Logging Users Daily Activity using Android Mobile
25. Employee Management Based Reviews, Electronic Voting and Suggestion in Android Application
26. Alternate Products Tracking Systems Using QR Codes and Digital Signature
27. Android application to access college events
28. Interactive learning using cloud computing and collaborative filtering through mobile application
29. Metropolitan water resource process control using android apps
30. Finance Management System Using Android Application
31. Deterministic online medicine purchasing for geo located shops Using Android Mobile
32. Aware and News Feed by location based System in android Application
33. Home Service Provider in Location Based Using Android Application
34. Product Monitoring Resource and Market Base Geo-location for Mobile User.
35. Agriworld : A complete informative mobile app for Indian agriculture
36. Restaurant : Implementing customizable food ordering system using android application
37. Veterinary doctor and user interaction system Using android application.

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