Power Electronics Projects
Buck Converter (Around 100 IEEE transaction topologies eg. Cuk converter).
Boost Converter (Around 100 IEEE transaction eg. Cuk converter).
Matrix Converter (Conventional and New topologies).
Luo Converter (Around 100 topologies for analysis of buck converter to be operated in boost mode include four quadrant operation).
Multilevel Inverter (Cascaded, Diode clamped, capacitor clamped etc).
Multicell Inverter (an alternative for multilevel inverter).
Space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) for inverter.
Space vector pulse width modulation for Multilevel Inverter.
Space vector pulse width modulation for Multicell Inverter.
SHEPWM for Multilevel Inverter.
SHEPWM for Multicell Inverter.
Z Source Inverter
Trapezoidal for Multilevel Inverter.
Trapezoidal for Multicell Inverter.
Different PWM technique for Multilevel Inverter and Rectifiers. (Around 50 PWM technique from IEEE transaction).
Vector control of Induction motor (DTC, Indirect control).
Power factor correction for Rectifier includes boost converter.
Predictive Closed Controller for power factor improvement of Boost Converter
Ultra lift negative voltage Luo converter.
Super Lift Luo Converter
Four Quadrant Operations of Converters.
Closed loop control of Cascaded Boost Converter using PI, Fuzzy and Neural.
Speed control of DC Motor.
All converters can be operated in PI, Fzzy, Hystersis and Neural Controller made technique.
Closed Control of Drives (SRM, Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor)
Modeling of Brushless DC (BLDC) motor.
PI, Fuzzy and Neural Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM).
Modeling of Stepper Motor.
Speed Control of Synchronous Motor.
Modeling of Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor and DC Motor using characteristics equations.
Modeling in Matlab.
Digital PI, PID controller for Converters.
Resonant Converter (DC-DC) (Around 600 IEEE papers and different analysis).
Photovoltaic cell design.
S Photovoltaic cell incorporation to Multilevel Inverter.
Photovoltaic cell incorporation to Inverter.
TCR (Thyristor Controlled Reactor).
TSC (Thyristor Switched Controller).
Multilevel Inverter application for FACTS devices. Etc.,
Multilevel As STATCOM.