Embedded Real Time Project Titles

Home appliances based Embedded project
1.GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and guided robot to the target with shortest path estimation.
2.GPS based Vehicle Tracking System and guided robot to the target with shortest path estimation.
3.Embedded Based Car digital Dashboard
4.Direction detector of an emergency vehicle with safety warning system.
5.Wireless Networking of smoke detector with voice alerts.
6.Embedded based clap operated home Appliances control
7.DTMF based home automation control from mobile phone
8.Density based intelligent traffic light controller with PC data base
9.Embedded based Coin operated mobile charging system.
10.Vehicle over speed control & drunken drive alert system.
11.Embedded system based Electronic globe
12.RFID based vehicle authentication system
13.Improved railway controller application programming.
14.Embedded based automatic toll gate collector with PC
15.PIC and PC based Intelligent Bus Fare Information System
16.Bank Locker Security With Mobile Alert through voice announce
17.Embedded based Irrigation control with dry run prevention
18.Embedded based gas leakage identification with power inter lock
Robotics Projects
1.Embedded based Hazardous robot for industry
2.Telephone operated Robot with help of DTMF and PIC
3.Spy robot using PIC and PC
4.PC based Robot for different position control.
5.Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot in textile industry.
6.Crack detector Robot in Railway Department.
7.Solar panel Tracking Robot
8.Fingerprint operated multipurpose robot in industrial and nuclear plants
9.Crane operating Robot through PC
10.Object Tracking Robot using Sensor.
11.Artificial intelligent (Fuzzy logic)based Automatic path finding Robot
12.Embedded based wireless missile launcher for war field applications
13.RF Based Vehicle Tracking System by using robot.
14.Microcontroller based multipurpose stepper motor action controller for Robots.
15.Embedded based conveyer controlled robot in mine and industry.
16.PC operated solar based multi purpose robot
17.War field tanker controlled robot with human finger print security
Bio-Metric based Projects
1.Finger Print Based Medical Information System For Patient
2.ATM theft identification using human finger print
3.Car security system using authorized human finger print
4.Bank security system using human finger print
5.Wireless data cryptography using human finger print in communication field
6.Railway / flight ticket reservation using human finger print
Wireless Communication System
1.Wireless based distribution Transformer Monitoring and control System from substation
2.Vehicle Accident Identification System with auto dialer using DTMF.
3.Bio signal Monitoring and control System
4.Encryption and decryption based Secured Communication For Military Applications
5.Intelligent Controller For thermal plants
6.Embedded based boiler automation in thermal plants
7.Smart Antenna & Low Power RF Transceiver
Security System
1.Embedded based electric fencing
2.GSM based industrial security system
3.RFID based shopping trolley
4.RFID based air port travel bag identification
PC Interactive Projects
1.Stepper motor control via parallel port of PC.
2.(8)-Character Running message display with help of LCD.
3.Data Acquisition using PC
4.PC Based Soft Starter
5.Voice Enabled Robotic Activation using RF
General Monitoring, Control And Automation
1.Agriculture plant water supply and dry run prevention.
2.Personalized Identifier and access control system-using PC.
3.Yarn Lee Strength Measurement
GSM based Projects
1.Data acquisition using GSM
2.Car security system using GSM
3.Railway Accident avoid Monitoring system
4.Home security system using GSM
5.GSM based Home automation
6.Electricity Billing through GSM
7.Voting Machine through GSM
8.Industrial monitoring system using GSM

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