Real Time Java Project Titles

    1.Facebook's Rigorous Third-party Application Evaluator
    2.A Semantic -Based Friend Recommendation System for social network
    3.Mining the concise and lossless Representation of High utility Item sets in mail order.
    4.A Secure Data Self-Destructing Scheme in Elucidation Intervening user
    5.Online Bus Ticketing
    6. Student project Allocation and Management with Online Testing
    7.SMS BAsed Mobile Recharging Through BANK
    8.Time Table Management
    9.Web Based Search Engine
    10.Credit Card Fraud Detection
    11.Mitigating Denial-of-Service Attacks for multicast authentication using batch signature
    12.Encryption and decryption using Blow Fish algorithm
    13.IT Environment
    14.Blood Donar Symbiosis
    15.E-Health Care
    16.Human Resource Management Systems
    17.Library Management Systems
    18.Online Bookshop
    19.Online Recruitment Systems
    20.vehicle Showroom Management Systems
    21.Warehouse Management Systems
    22.Lost articles and cancellation

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