PHP Real Time Project Titles

1.Modern Exam Preparation portal
2.Multiple car service centre Listings portal.
3.Online healthcare appointment booking
4.Maintaining family health records online portal.
5.School ERP.
6.College Management
7.Exam cell Automation.
8.Staff log book.
9.Prison management system.
10.Immigration clearance system.
11.Internal marks analysis and parents report.
12.System to filter unwanted message in osn wall and chat.
13.Personalized word predictor in online social network.
14.E-secure police.
15.Video Steganography.
16.Shift and duty allocation in police stations.
17.Pattern matching algorithm in email application to eliminate duplication at client side.
18.Health monitoring system.
19.Automated products inflow and outflow monitoring with gate pass generation at college.
20.Virtual class room with monitoring system.
21.Hostel generation and intimation to parents.
22.College transport automation system.
23.Students feedback analysis.
24.ation shop automation system with fraud detection..
25.Multi-branch billing system.
26.Staff payroll analysis.

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